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Introducing Sunshine Mangalam, @Kisnyalka, the venue for our Thaimassage and Vipassana retreats

The venue for our camp is the lovely Kisnyalka farm, with a single main building on spacious hilly land 2km from the nearest village, Nyalka. The farmhouse was built in 1891, and after serving as a dairy during the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, it fell into disuse after the wars. When the wall came down, it was converted to a spiritual community centre, rebuilt brick by brick by its current owner, Tibor. The house offers comfortable accomodation for about 30-35 people, with separate bathing and toilet areas for ladies and gents. The main attraction of the house is the beautiful circular meditation hall, with its intricate wooden roof structure, which allows meditation and massage practice in bad weather. Around the farmhouse are fields for the owner`s horses, his little sunken earth house, and a garden suitable for camping, yoga and meditation. Looking further, one sees an organic fruit orchard, and hilly landscape dotted with small forests and fields.

How to get there:

The farm is known as „Kisnyalkapuszta major”. Coming from Győr or from Veszprém, near Pannonhalma, find the village of Nyalka. From here, Kisnyalka is 2 km away on a dirt road.

By bus:

In Győr, get on the bus to Nyalka, which has Tápszentmiklós as its terminus. Once you’ve got off at Nyalka(Posta) busstop, your journey continues on foot to Kisnyalka Major. Take the road to Táp, and after reaching the signpost signalling the end of Nyalka village, continue on the road for another 500m, until you reach a crucifix on a tree. Here, turn right onto the dirt road, and after another 1500 m, you reach Kisnyalka.

By car:

Get to Nyalka village using a map (easiest to access from the direction of Győr, Veszprém, Pannonhalma), and continue to Kisnyalka using the above directions.

Map (the little blue sign shows the venue):


The house can accomodate about 30 people comfortably on beds and mattresses, with another 15 camping places in the garden, and a huge storey for matresses in case everything fills up. The house comes equipped with bedsheets, blankets, covers and pillows for each guest sleeping in the rooms. Those who do not wish to sleep on beds may sleep on the wooden gallery of the meditation hall, or may bring a tent and use the surrounding garden. For camping in the garden, please bring your own tent and bedding, or indicate to the organizers your need (there is a sizeable store of summer tents available on request).


During the camp, the service staff will provide vegetarian breakfasts of oats, seasonal fruit and vegetables, home made bread and sprouts. Lunch and dinner are usually larger, cooked meals of vegetables, dahl, eggs or grains. animal products are always served separate to make vegan option possible.

What else to bring:

1) sleeping bag or bedding if you sleep outside
2) musical instruments if you play one
3) any food supplements or medications you might need
4) comfortable clothing
5) Anything else you may need and feel good with

The following are pictures of the venue:
The Building The Building from a hill nearby Nature The neighbouring orchard The house from the front Lovely old wall Dining hall Dining hall2 Showers Dormitory (2,4,6,8 persons per room) Beautiful handmade hearth Meditation hall and hearth Wooden roof structure of the meditation hall




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